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Vallarta Renal Clinic was founded 15 years ago derived from our desire to expand our renal services throughout the Mexican Pacific.
Our Mision

Provide patients with chronic renal failure the best quality treatment for their disease, surpassing average modern standards, staffed by competent personnel, in an atmosphere of empathy, warmth and superb excellence.


Our Vision

Being leaders in the hemodialysis field while servicing our region, as we distinguish ourselves by our human approach to each and every patient ensuring optimal and comprehensive care options as we promote diversifying a better life.


Visit us, we are proud to open our doors to you!
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Our cutting edge equipment available for your care and attention...
We have over 15 years of experience

Our units have the technology required by the international market, our workers, doctors and nurses have ample training. Our procedures are renowned by local and national medical institutions. We are certified by the National Health Council.



Hi-tech equipment

We offer the most technologically advanced equipment currently offered in today's market in the aid of hemodialys here in the warm tropical city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; which makes the ideal environment to provide such delicate treatment with the best service possible alongside our extremely qualified physicians and state of the art medical facilities. Every single piece of equipment we utilize is top quality in both our world class medical facilities San Javier & AmeriMed.


Please contact us for any further in depth information pertaining to any dialysis treatment you may require and please allow us to make of this delicate moment as appeasing and care free as feasible while you enjoy a relaxing vacation getaway stay.


medical services...
The latest technology in an atmosphere of service and attention
Medical Services

Our medical units have adequate professional supervision during every procedure; we are located within the very best hospitals in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


We work around your schedule to facilitate the treatment, allowing us to provide our patients with the very best service available while enjoying a holiday full of serenity and activities.


• Hemodialysis

• Kidney Assessments

• Consultation of Nephrology

• Renal Transplant, etc.


hospital San Javier


Tourists and patient experience


With ample experience surpassing 15 years treating multiple patients from abroad as well as nationally.

In order of being able to help you maximize your stay please contact us so we may accommodate to your needs.

We offer the latest treatments and have the newest technology in all of Mexico, comparable to that of Canada and the United States.


Here in "Dialysis México" we have the equipment plus the knowledge necessary to provide the service you are familiar  and deserve. We invite you to contact us in advance with at least 15 days in advance, in order to  reserve your dialysis sessions.


Puerto Vallarta

Before John Huston's 1964 film, The Night of the Iguana, Puerto Vallarta was a just sleepy fishing village on the Pacific Coast where the states of Jalisco and Nayarit meet. But Liz Taylor came to keep an eye on her lover Richard Burton while he was filming with the voluptuous Ava Gardner. The publicity buzz about Burton and Liz's torrid affair and the movie put Vallarta on the tourist map.

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The Puerto Vallarta region is actually several destinations rolled into one, each with its own character and charm. The River Cuale divides the town into north and south. On the southern end is the quaint Romantic Zone where the Playa los Muertos attracts sun worshippers to its golden sand and countless beach bars. Further south the seaside villages of Boca de Tomatlan and Mismaloya where The Night of the Iguana was filmed beckon. North of the river, the Old Town meanders uphill to Gringo Gulch and along the bay where you'll find the Plaza de Armas (main square) and Los Arcos amphitheatre where daily free performances draw crowds.

Puerto Vallarta's renowned Malecón (seaside promenade) runs from the Romantic Zone to the start of the Hotel Zone. Here you'll find a whimsical collection of bronze sculptures, including the town's iconic seahorse.

Further north are the Hotel Zone and Marina where many resorts and restaurants are located. Traverse a modern bridge and you move from the State of Jalisco into Nayarit, home to the rapidly developing Riviera Nayarit with charming towns such as Bucerias and Sayulita and a host of resorts.

The locals seem genuinely happy to welcome an average of 3.7 million visitors to their town. You'll be encouraged to practice your Spanish but pretty much everyone can converse with you in English. Indeed, many American and Canadian snowbirds make it their home-away-from home winter after winter. Several become so smitten with Vallarta's ideal climate, they invest in real estate and businesses here. Puerto Vallarta enjoys a tropical climate. During the sunny dry season, from November to May, daytime temperatures hover at 27˚ to 30˚ C (80˚ to 85˚F) and there is virtually no rain. At night, the temperature drops to 16˚ to 18˚ C (55˚ to 65˚F), which is ideal for sleeping, but you may want to pack a shawl or light jacket. The hotter, humid rainy season lasts from June to October.

Sharing the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands, Puerto Vallarta sits prettily in the middle of the Bay of Banderas, Mexico's largest bay, measuring 42 km (26 miles) from tip to tip. North of the city of Puerto Vallarta, the Ameca River forms a natural boundary between Jalisco and the state of Nayarit where newer resorts and developments form the Riviera Nayarit.

Once you get away from the beach, Puerto Vallarta's hilly cobblestone streets seem to merge into the green foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains. We doubt they sell many Stair Masters here; you'll get plenty of exercise just navigating up and around town. The Cuale River, which divides Puerto Vallarta in half, flows down from the mountains and empties into the Pacific.

Today, Puerto Vallarta reigns as one of Mexico's most popular winter destinations because of its great diversity and almost perfect climate. Along with golden beaches, mountains and jungles you'll discover modern amenities and creature comforts. In short, Puerto Vallarta is a very simpatico and affordable paradise that will appeal to just about everyone.

Nuevo Vallarta

Nestled between the tranquil Pacific Ocean and the Sierra de Vallejo mountains, Nuevo Vallarta, one of the most visited and exclusive beach destinations of Mexico, brings together luxury and the abundance of nature to offer each visitor an enchanting escape with excellent hospitality, comfort and entertainment.

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This entryway into the Riviera Nayarit also has the second highest number of hotels in the country, with a first class infrastructure easily seen in the impeccable and vast golf courses, luxurious condominiums, exclusive restaurants and two of the country's most important marinas.

Nuevo Vallarta is a lively destination with it five kilometer (three-mile) shoreline of golden beaches, where visitors can delight in the turquoise-blue ocean and fine sands as well as the various activities offered in this unbeatable climate.And of course, there is no better way to enjoy the late afternoon than by taking in a breathtaking sunset accompanied by the crashing waves as you read a great book.


Mazatlan is a perennial favorite with North American sunbirds and snowbirds alike.

Endowed with a shoreline sprinkled with beckoning islands, a lovely seaside promenade, miles of golden beaches and blue lagoons, it really lives up to its moniker, "Pearl of the Pacific."

Sometimes, when you're planning your holidays, you have to make a decision: sun and sand or culture and history? Mazatlan has the distinction of offering the best of both worlds: in the newer Zona Dorada (Golden Zone), developed in the 1960s, you'll find most of the major hotels, shops, bars and restaurants scattered along the idyllic beaches; meanwhile, in Old Mazatlan or the Centro Historico (Historic Center), life carries on as it did before tourists arrived in the markets, cafes, churches and shady plazas throughout the traditional neighborhoods.

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