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It has the distinction of offering the best of both worlds.

Mazatlan is a perennial favorite among North American sunbirds and snowbirds alike.

Endowed with a coastline dotted with enticing islands, a beautiful promenade, miles of golden beaches and azure lagoons, it truly lives up to its nickname, "Pearl of the pacific.
Sometimes when you're planning your vacation, you have to make a decision: sun and beach or culture and history? Mazatlán has the distinction of offering the best of both worlds: in the newer Zona Dorada, developed in the 1960s, you'll find most of the major hotels, stores, bars and restaurants scattered along the idyllic beaches; meanwhile, in Old Mazatlán or Centro Histórico, life goes on as it did before the tourists arrived in the markets, cafes, churches and shady plazas of the traditional neighborhoods.



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