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We have more than 25 years of experience providing the best services and care to people with kidney failure in any of our dialysis clinics in Puerto Vallarta, Bahia de Banderas, and Mazatlan.

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Specialized Medicine

What are our services?

We accompany our patients from the early stages of their illness to meet all their needs, as well as follow up on their history to continue with the treatments they require to continue with their lives.

We approach you with a warm and friendly treatment
Wellness and Health

Nephrology consultation

The Specialists in kidney diseases that work with us will assist you to make a complete diagnosis of your case and thereby find out in detail what your needs are, the treatments you need, and the care that we can provide you in one of our dialysis centers.

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Optimal care

Reliable diagnostics

The nephrology consultations at our clinics will answer all the questions you have about your condition. You can trust that all of our diagnoses are highly punctual.

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Personalized care on your vacation
We use the best equipment to attend you
Quality medical technology

Catheter and fistula placement

As part of our services, we offer catheter and fistula placement through the most careful processes and with the best quality materials.

This is with the goal that our patients can adequately complete their hemodialysis sessions through the latest technology machines and equipment.

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Feel safe

Trained team

Dialysis Mexico specialists are in constant training to use the best medical methodologies for dialysis treatments and optimal catheter and fistula placement for the process.

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We join you in each part of the process
Get to know the comfort of our hemodialysis centers
Tranquility in your treatment

Hemodialysis sessions in-room

Carry out your hemodialysis sessions, in one of our medical centers with unique locations on the country’s beaches. We have hemodialysis rooms where you can get your treatment comfortably and safely accompanied by our trained staff.

We adequate the dialysis sessions to help your body to have a correct balance that will allow you to continue with your life once you return home, as well as to enjoy your holidays while you complete the treatment.

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Treatment at your home

Hemodialysis at home and/or hospital

Just as you can complete your session in our facilities, we also have a home hemodialysis service.

We move our high-tech equipment to the place you feel most comfortable accomplishing your treatment without compromising its quality.

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We lighten the hemodialysis process for you
We are here to take care of you in every step you take
Professional doctors

Kidney transplant center

We are prepared for the integral care of the nephropathic patient, from the diagnosis at the initial stages to the kidney transplant. That is why we feel proud to be the first kidney transplant center in Mazatlan, Sinaloa.

Therefore, if you are a candidate for a kidney transplant, we have everything you need to take care of your needs and successfully complete this process.

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We accompany you!

Preventive care

Our doctors will give you the appropriate care and attention before your transplant to eliminate all the risks in the procedure.

In the same way, they will be attentive to post-kidney transplant care so that you can enjoy a normal life after your recovery.

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From the beginning, we will be by your side
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